The Nutrition Lab

Join our 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program aimed at guiding you towards your best self! We utilize a flexible dieting approach with emphasis on experience, personal history and goals. Our environment is judgement free and our community is chock full of success stories armed with tips and tricks to simplify your life!

After you submit your application, you’ll receive an appointment with Marissa to determine your personalized program based off YOUR goals, history, habits and personality. I am here to GUIDE you. We’ll then schedule your 15 minute  bi-weekly follow-up calls to monitor your progress.

  • Your coaching membership includes:
    • Weekly progress charted via measurements, weigh-in and photos

    • Nighttime & Sleep Routine Guidance
    • Macro-nutrient prescription customized to your goals.

    • Learn how to efficiently weigh, measure and meal prep

    • Quarterly goal setting

    • Weekly Food Journal Review

    • Open communication via email and text

    • Weekly emails and resources to help you cultivate the mindset that comes with improved nutrition and lifestyle!
    • Macros re-calculations based on lifestyle changes, competition prep, new goals and body composition.

    • Three months of personalized coaching. Why three months? Research shows that it takes 90 days for new habits to solidify. We’ll work to establish incremental goals based off your behavior patterns. Three months will give us the time required to progress! 8-weeks are due at initial signup ($198).

“I have been with the Nutrition Program for over 12 months now, and I am extremely pleased with my results.  I have lost 11 pounds and 6.25 inches, and gained lots of muscle and confidence!  But this program is so much more than just someone telling me what to eat.  It should be called The Whole Mind and Body Wellness Nutrition Program.  I am not just lighter, I am healthier and wiser, and more fit than I have ever been in my entire life.  The support that I have received from my nutrition counselor has been wonderful. She always has a solution to whatever nutrition dilemma I face: vacations, special events, birthday dinners, or two hungry teenagers!  The program has taught how me to read my body and give it what it needs, whether it is specific nutrition, water, sleep, rest/ relaxation, or emotional support.  When I first joined, I was worried that I would only be eating rabbit food and low calorie processed foods, but instead my diet is widely various and is anything but boring!   I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to lose weight, get healthy, and meet your greatest fitness goals. “

-Monica J.


“Marissa is a top-notch nutritional coach.  I have competitive Crossfit goals and but was struggling to improve my body composition.  Marissa developed an individualized plan that not only tracked my nutrition but also my mood, energy, hydration, sleep, and other markers.  Our weekly check-ins followed the same approach, we didn’t just discuss whether I hit my macros but how I felt each day mentally, physically, and how my training was going.  Marissa also often shared her tips on eating out, traveling and vacations, and some of her favorite go-to meals and snacks.  She’s been extremely supportive and the entire process has been nothing but positive.  I’m currently eating more each day than I was prior to starting my nutrition coaching, and overall I’m down about 3.5% body fat.  I highly recommend Marissa to anyone who might be new to following a nutrition plan, or a seasoned athlete who wants to dial their nutrition in even more.  She will meet you wherever you are in the process and set you up for a success!”

-Eileen R.


“I am an Olympic Weightlifter and Marissa helped me to safely cut to my weight class. She worked with me to analyze the stress of my VERY active job on top of my training to ensure I was eating enough and eating the right things. Overall I’ve lost over 15 lbs, 4% body fat and gained 5lbs of lean muscle mass. I’ve learned so much and feel great training!”

-Brett S.