Labor Day is a week away which means one last mini- weekend away! These snacks will help keep you on track while you enjoy time away. Most of these products can also be school snacks or eaten on the go while running errands!

TRAVEL TIPS: enjoying with grace & bringing parts of your routine with you

I follow only a few guidelines when I travel:

  1. Eat what I want, especially if it’s something new and special to the place I’m visiting
  2. Breakfast is balance: eat what makes your body feel GOOD and FUELED then proceed as you wish.
  3. Greens at every meal and water all day


Typically before any trip I take myself to Trader Joe’s or Harris Teeter to stock up on some fool proof options to bring in my carry on. I aim to prioritize protein when selecting snacks since most meals eaten out while traveling will have plenty of delicious fat and carb options. Most importantly, keep things simple and utensil free!!

  1. epic sriracha chicken bar

2. vital proteins marine collagen travel packs

3. amazing grass travel green superfoods

4. wild planet albacore wild tuna snack packs

5. EXO cricket protein bar variety pack

6. chomps snack sticks

7. rx nut butter variety pack

8. hardboiled eggs


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