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Marissa is a top-notch nutritional coach.  I have competitive Crossfit goals and but was struggling to improve my body composition.  Marissa developed an individualized plan that not only tracked my nutrition but also my mood, energy, hydration, sleep, and other markers.  Our weekly check-ins followed the same approach, we didn’t just discuss whether I hit my macros but how I felt each day mentally, physically, and how my training was going.  Marissa also often shared her tips on eating out, traveling and vacations, and some of her favorite go-to meals and snacks.  She’s been extremely supportive and the entire process has been nothing but positive.  I’m currently eating more each day than I was prior to starting my nutrition coaching, and overall I’m down about 3.5% body fat.  I highly recommend Marissa to anyone who might be new to following a nutrition plan, or a seasoned athlete who wants to dial their nutrition in even more.  She will meet you wherever you are in the process and set you up for a success!

– Eileen R.

“ The most personal coaching I've received since starting my nutrition journey ”

– client, program

Working with Marissa has been the best thing I could have done for my overall health and well-being. I have experienced awesome physical results as well as mental results. With Marissa’s help my relationship with food is better than it has ever been, but so is the relationshiip I have with myself.
When I first met with Marissa I had no idea what I was doing and was pretty overwhelmed by everything, but she met me where I was and answered every question I had. She took the time to learn a little about me and what I wanted to gain out of working with her. She then helped me set realistic and achievable goals. Marissa has also worked with me on understanding the importance of balance, that there is always space for you to have and experience the things you enjoy all while keeping your goals in mind. One of my favorite things is
that Marissa provides you with the right amount of accountability. There is no pressure and she doesn’t make you feel like a failure just because you’ve had an off week. She doesn’t over emphasize the importance of numbers on a scale or elsewhere, but rather on you and how you are feeling. She celebrates all of your wins with you, even the smallest of them. 
Through Marissa’s abundance of knowledge, kindness, and compassion I have become a physically and mentally stronger and healthy person. My life has been forever changed for the better, and I owe that to Marissa.
– Shane H.

 When I moved away from my original gym to an area where weightlifting doesn’t have a huge community, I found myself self-programming and losing both strength and motivation. However, once Marissa began programming for me, I had never been stronger or more excited to go to the gym and workout.

Her programs are both challenging and fun! She was amazingly flexible and when I expressed interest in working in powerlifting and strongwoman she couldn’t have been more excited for me and many of my accessories both supported my weightlifting goals as well as my aspirations in other strength sports.

I always thought receiving coaching online would be difficult, but Marissa made it feel like she’s always there; she kept me present, motivated, and even restrained when I got bit by “lift heavy everyday” bug.

My initial goal was to qualify for the American Open Final in 2018, but with the strength I’ve gained on Marissa’s programming, I qualified for the 2017 American Open Final as well as placed first in both of my strongwoman competitions so far earning a spot in the HW women’s division at NAS (strongman) Nationals.

– Jen H.

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